Going out for coffee can quickly add up, but for those on a budget, there are some inexpensive ways to make delicious coffee at home.

Brewing a professional-quality cup of coffee at home might seem impossible, but there are very simple tricks that anyone can use to create a cup of delicious coffee without stepping foot in a coffee shop. For individuals on a budget, brewing coffee at home can be a great way to save money, but it’s important to make sure the coffee is of a good quality. There are a few common sense tips, as well as a few tricks unique to coffee, that can help anyone make a great cup of Joe at home.

4 Tips for Brewing Great Coffee at Home

how to make a good cup of coffee at home

Buy a Good Coffee Maker

A store brand coffee pot will brew coffee, but it’s more likely to include grounds with the coffee and break down more quickly. Investing in a good quality coffee pot can help keep brewing rates consistent, and the coffee pot is more likely to last longer. Although a good coffee pot is more expensive, the expense is an investment for all future cups and pots of coffee brewed and can help save money in the long run.

Decide whether a drip coffee pot or a brewer that makes a single cup at a time will be best. A single-cup brewer allows for greater control of the coffee, while a pot brews more coffee in a single setting, which can make each pot consistent in flavor.

Keep the Coffee Pot Clean

Over time, coffee grounds will build up inside the coffee pot and affect the flavor of each cup or pot of coffee made. Coffee build-up in the pot can give a bitter or unpleasant taste to the coffee. Regular cleaning of the coffee pot will help individuals avoid the problem of ruined coffee.

Clean out the coffee pot once each week. Run water and a small amount of white vinegar through the coffee pot, followed by simply water. The white vinegar helps to clean out the coffee build up. Rinsing the pot out with water after the vinegar is used will remove the vinegar from the coffee pot. Run water through the brewer until the water is clear and does not smell like coffee.

Repeating this process each week will ensure that there is good, fresh coffee available, and that the coffee pot will last longer.

Grind Coffee Beans at Home

Store-bought coffee beans are already roasted, which means their quality will lessen over time. However, roasters are expensive and roasting coffee beans at home can be a challenge and an unnecessary step. Purchase whole beans from a store or coffee shop. If the coffee shop roasts its own beans, try to purchase them fresh, as they will be at their best flavor when fresh.

Get a good coffee grinder to use on the whole beans. For the most common drip coffee pots, grind the beans for around 10 seconds; follow the directions on the grinder to get the best results. Grind enough beans to make either a cup or a pot of coffee, depending on the type of brewer.

Grind beans each morning shortly before the coffee is made, as the beans will begin losing their flavor quickly. Pre-ground beans are often without flavor simply because they have been allowed to sit on a shelf. Grind beans fresh to get the full flavor of the coffee.

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How to Add Special Touches to Coffee

Coffee shops are famous for adding flavor shots to simple coffee drinks to make them taste better –and cost more. The syrups and flavor shots used in most coffee shops are often available for sale, either online or at the coffee shop itself. Invest in a bottle of some favorite flavors and experiment with new coffee drinks at home.

Flavored creamers are also available from many grocery stores. These combine flavor shots with sweetener and cream to make any cup of coffee taste like it came from a coffee shop. Using flavor shots or a flavored creamer can make coffee taste even better.

Try adding some spices to a cup of coffee as well. Both nutmeg and cinnamon enhance the flavor of coffee, and agave nectar can be used in place of sugar as a sweetener.

Making a professional-quality cup of coffee at home is easy. With care, good quality beans and machinery, anyone can brew a delicious cup of coffee at a very low price.

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Learn how to make the best coffee at home. Sick of buying store bought coffee? Or maybe you just want to save money... Making coffee at home can be fun and rewarding with these tips!

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