If you’re looking for a fun and creative activity to do with your little ones, these ideas for DIY puppets for kids will be just the thing! Requiring just a few materials and a little time, these puppet crafts for kids will keep them happy and entertained for hours…

So whether you’re stuck inside on a wet day, or you’re running low on ideas of how to entertain your kids during the holidays, these puppet crafts are the perfect remedy! 


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Puppet crafts for kids.

Thing 1 & Thing 2 Paper Bag Puppets

Dr. Seuss fans won’t be able to get enough of these adorable Thing 1 and Thing 2 puppets. I am confident that there are going to be some good times and lots of giggles when the kids are playing with them too. You can’t go wrong with this fun idea!

Puppet crafts for kids

Paper Roll Seahorse Puppets

These seahorse puppets are beyond cute! Not only will you have fun making your own seahorse collection, but there are also lots of interesting facts to learn along the way. Use the seahorse template and get to work making all sorts of paper puppets! Super creative idea!

DIY puppets for kids

Classic Craft Making Paper Bag Puppets

Enjoy the nostalgic feeling that takes you back to being a kid again when you help your child make a puppet. I love everything about these unique puppets. Use yarn, googly eyes, rope, scrapbook paper, or anything else you just have laying around the house.

Paper bag puppets for kids

Polar Bear Puppet Craft

When it is too cold to play outside, get busy crafting this incredible polar bear puppet! Your children will love to bring the polar bear to life by creating different voices. Watch your kids play for hours. They provide you with a free printable so you can easily make your own.

DIY puppet crafts for kids

New Sew Horse Puppet

I love puppets that you don’t have to sew! Hot glue is your best friend for this craft. Make several stylish horse puppets, and the kids will go wild. The best part is your child can help you design his own. One thing I know is that there is going to be lots of galloping and playing going on.

How to make a sock puppet. DIY sock puppet for kids

Silly Paint Smash Monster Puppets

These puppets are hilarious and are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face! Each creature can be made the way you want and can be as customized as you wish. Get some craft stickers and a few other easy materials to get started. You probably have the elements needed in your craft room.

DIY puppets for kids.

Community Helper Puppets

Teaching your kids about community helpers and why they should consider being a volunteer too is a valuable learning experience. Now you can teach your child while having a blast creating a helper. Gather your supplies and start making these super fun puppets.

DIY puppets for kids.

Chompin’ Shark Puppet

You might be a little scared of these sharks because they will surely try to take a bite out of your arm! Just kidding, but the kids will surely be impressed and have loads of entertainment from these puppets. This simple craft is wildly fun, and you will want to make several.

Shark puppets for kids

Felt Finger Puppets

Awaken your child’s senses with these unique felt finger puppets. These are perfect for tossing in your go bag so the kids can entertain themselves in the car, grocery store or doctors office. Another great idea is that you can make them for friends too. Let playtime begin!

DIY finger puppets for kids

Superhero Puppets

Turn your favorite superheroes into puppets and the kids will think you are the coolest person ever! How can you not enjoy all your favorites like Superman, Captain America, and Batman? The best part is that all the characters can work together to save the world each day!

DIY puppets for kids

Brown Bear Puppet Craft

What is more snuggly and fun than a brown bear? Construction paper, glue, googly eyes, scissors, pompoms, and templates are all you need to get started. It is going to be beary fun making these DIY puppets; you can count on it!

DIY puppets for kids

Ladybug Puppet

Impress your favorite preschooler with these ladybug puppets. They are super simple to make, look so cute, and will be loads of amusement. It’s a bonus that your children will be able to use their imaginations while playing too. Break out the craft supplies and get busy.

DIY puppet crafts for kids

Paper Owl Stick Puppets

Anything that has to do with an owl is sure to be a hit among kids and adults. Owls are so cute that you just can’t help but fall in love instantly. Make several, and you can have an owl party that will impress all the kids.

DIY stick puppets for kids

DIY Monster Sock Puppet

These monster sock puppets make me giggle because they are so sweet and cute. There isn’t anything scary about these fuzzy friends. Choose to make several colors and have a puppet show for the family. The monsters are inexpensive and so much better than store bought.

DIY sock puppets for kids

Puppy Dog Pals Puppets

These classic puppies are what every kid needs. These are incredible for kids of all ages and would be perfect for a big group. Make some paper bag puppets at your next slumber party and the guests will leave happy too. Time to get busy crafting.

DIY paper puppets for kids

Galloping Finger Zebra Puppet

Bring your zebra to life with this galloping puppet idea. Take several puppets with you on your next long car drive, and the kids will keep themselves entertained. Add some extra pizzazz to your puppets by making some funky zebra colors too!

DIY paper puppets for kids

Paper Pterodactyl Puppet

Watch out dinosaur fans because you are in for a real treat! These paper pterodactyls will fly through the air, cause explosive laughter, and are fabulous to make. Break these DIY puppets out on a rainy day when you are stuck inside, and your children will be wildly entertained.

DIY paper puppets for kids

Paper Dog Hand Puppet

Have an impromptu play with these dog hand puppets, and everyone is in for some major laughs. The hardest part is going to be coming up with the perfect name for each pup. Playtime is going to be even more fun when you have these puppet friends to play with.

DIY paper puppets for kids

Bugs Clothespin Puppets

Some kids have a real fear of all bugs, so this is a great way to get them to understand bugs aren’t scary. Make bees, butterflies, caterpillars, and ladybugs. Each one is going to be a hit with the kids and will provide lots of amusement.

DIY paper puppets for kids

Paper Dragon Puppets

Anyone who is a fan of How To Train Your Dragon will be pleased to make these cherished dragon puppets. They have lots of colors and are just plain delightful. Half the fun is going to be watching the kids run through the house making the dragons fly!

Which of these super cute DIY puppets for kids will you try first? Let me know if you’ve made any in the comments below!

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