Is there anything more irritating to a parent’s ears than hearing your kids whine about being bored – when they have boxes full of toys to play with! Sometimes they need a little help to reimagine new ways to use their existing toys – and that’s where these creative LEGO STEM activities for kids come in! 

We’ve chosen the most interesting, unique, and age-appropriate LEGO STEM activities from around the web to give your kids hands-on practice with the skills they’ll need for years to come. And the best part – they’ll have loads of fun learning as they play! 

Creative Lego Stem Ideas for Kids of All Ages

20 Creative and fun LEGO STEM activities for kids. #lego #stem #kids

LEGO Rubber Band Car Superhero Stem Activity

Let the race begin with this rubber band car complete with a superhero! What is more fun to a child than LEGO and superheroes? This is the best of both worlds and is sure to bring a smile to your child’s face. You are going to have fun with it too!


Creating Hexbug Mazes and Structures

Your kids will be able to problem-solve, plan, and be creative with this terrific idea. Build mazes and structures then test them out with your Hexbugs! I promise there is going to be so much amusement going on that everyone is going to love it hearing the squeals of laughter. Help their imaginations go wild by combining tow toys into one game.

Lego stem ideas for kids

Three Billy Goats Gruff Steam Bridge Building Activity

The book Three Billy Goats Gruff is a classic tale about outsmarting a very grumpy troll. If you haven’t read it yet, you should definitely buy a copy right away! Help your child build a stem bridge and then there will be all sorts of playing and pretending going on as your kids reenact the charming tale.

Lego stem ideas for kids

Build A LEGO Rainbow

Building a rainbow with LEGO takes a lot of time and thought which is perfect for your child’s imagination. He or she will need to put on their thinking cap for this one! Use classic LEGO colors and you will be all set to create a beautiful rainbow. This is an activity that children and adults will enjoy working on together.

Lego stem ideas for kids

LEGO Displacement Experiment For Kids

Let your child experiment with this simple science task using LEGO and water. Drop a lego in and keep track of what happens to the water. What happens if you drop in 5 LEGO? Your children will love playing with all of it and will be learning without even realizing it.

Lego stem ideas for kids

LEGO Pendulum Painting

You are going to find TONS of inspiration from this LEGO pendulum. Don’t be afraid to get your hands a little dirty and let the imaginative juices flow! The best part is that each one you make will be completely unique and different. Plus, it is super fun and creative too!

Lego stem ideas for kids

Storytime LEGO Building Challenge

If your kids love reading Where The Wild Things Are, Rosie Revere Engineer (my son’s favorite!), Dragons Love Tacos, and Little Owl’s Night then they are going to absolutely love this LEGO STEM activity! Bring their favorite characters to life with this creative use of LEGO. I just love incorporating the love of reading with the act of building together.

Lego stem ideas for kids

Lego Challenge Math Activity

Teach your kids all about math while playing at the same time. This is a winning activity all around! This LEGO STEM idea includes a free printable in the tutorial too. I love that your children can have fun while working on a hands-on learning activity.

Lego stem ideas for kids

Simple Lego Flower

Make adorable flowers that are perfect for an entire LEGO garden! This guide is super easy to follow with photos the entire way. This is a great activity to teach children how to follow directions and end up with a perfect flower every time. Make several different colors too! A great LEGO STEM activity for the little kids in your life.

Lego stem ideas for kids

LEGO STEM Challenge Cards

This activity is just plain awesome! You let your child pick from a pack of cards that have challenges on them. Then your kiddo can create whatever the card said. For example, you can build a castle with a draw bridge or a landscaped garden. There isn’t a wrong way to go about it, so each child can create on their own terms! And have fun doing so.

Simple Lego games to play with your kids

LEGO Soil Layers Activity And Earth Science Stem

There are so many wonderful things that make our earth unique. This activity shows all the different layers of soil deep within the surface of the earth. A hands-on approach to learning about the world – and they don’t even realize it is happening. Plus, this is a great way to retain the information long after the project ends.

Simple Lego games to play with your kids

LEGO Balance Scale Stem Project

This LEGO balance scale is really awesome to make and has easy to follow directions. You can experiment with all sorts of objects like small toys, marbles, rocks, or anything else that will fit on the scale. You are going to have so much fun with this activity!

Lego stem ideas for kids

Easiest Proof Pythagorean Thereom With LEGO

This activity is exactly what you need to learn about the Pythagorean Theorem at home. There are six easy steps to follow and you can experiment with this project along the way. It’s such a great way that using LEGO can turn a complex learning task into a fun activity!

Lego stem activities for kids

3D Water Cycle Science Project For Kids

It’s amazing all the ideas and projects you can use LEGO for. This water cycle project is terrific because it is 3D and really gives you an idea of exactly how the water cycle works. This LEGO STEM activity is perfect for improving motor skills and doing hands-on learning at home.

Lego stem activities for kids

LEGO Santa Sleigh STEM Building Challenge

Didn’t you know that Santa’s sleigh is made from LEGO? You can use this LEGO challenge to keep multiple kids entertained for hours – as they race to see who can build the sleighs the fastest! 

Build a santa sleigh from Lego

Build A LEGO Heart

Use problem-solving skills to make several LEGO hearts. You can make many different sizes and colors. Engineering is extra fun when you break out the LEGO and get to work making all sorts of things. And this creative LEGO project will keep the kids busy for ages – while creating something so pretty & cute!

Build a lego heart

The Best LEGO Boat

Have a contest to see who can build the best LEGO boat! Place pennies inside your boats to see which one starts to sink first. This is an entertaining and unique challenge that you can adjust to make even more fun. Instead of pennies, try rocks or some other object you have in your home.

DIY Lego Boat

Cereal Box Ramps

The kids are going to have a blast racing toy cars on their cereal box ramps! Figure out if your car is faster if the ramp is taller or shorter. Challenge each other to see who will win the contest! You can even give out a couple of toy cars as prizes to make it even more amusing.

Easy stem ideas for kids

LEGO Zip Line Activity

This LEGO zip line is almost as fun as going on one in real life! Okay, maybe not that cool, but it is pretty awesome! Test it out with various LEGO friends and see who can zip line the fastest. I can assure you that there are going to be lots of giggles and laughs with this one! The perfect rainy day activity.

Lego stem zip line

Keep Building With LEGO Challenge

This activity is terrific because there are so many options on what to build. You can make a house, animal, vehicle, or lots of other objects. There is no chance you could ever be bored either. So break out the LEGO and get to work building and creating anything you can imagine.

Lego stem ideas for kids


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