Love the idea of having a garden, but short on outdoor space? These vertical garden ideas are just the thing to put your green thumb to work! Create lush green gardens, bright feature walls, and even statement art pieces for your home with these 20 DIY vertical garden projects!

DIY Vertical Garden Ideas

How to make a vertical garden wall. DIY vertical gardens.

DIY Ladder Vertical Garden

A cheap and cheerful way of adding color to your front patio, this DIY ladder vertical garden is sure to impress! It’s super easy to put together, especially if you already have the potted plants laying around your garden. Just add a bit of wire and welcoming note to a chalkboard and you’ve got an instant vertical garden that looks amazing!

How to make a vertical garden. DIY Vertical Garden Ideas.

DIY Ladder Vertical Garden by Shades of Blue Interiors

Green DIY Wall Planter

This DIY wall planter is such a clean and beautiful way of displaying plants and flowers in your home. It’s fairly simple to put together, yet the end result looks very expensive and chic! Make this wall planter to create a living feature wall in your home – you won’t regret it!

How to make a DIY Wall Planter.

Green DIY Wall Planter by Lana Red Studio

Small Space Vertical Herb Garden

Short on space but craving a place to grow fresh herbs? This small space vertical herb garden is just the answer! With just a few simple tools you can create a stunning herb garden that requires the smallest of spaces in your outdoor area. And as an added bonus, it makes a great statement piece!

Vertical herb garden for small spaces DIY

Small Space Vertical Garden by A Beautiful Mess

DIY Wall Garden Favors

Looking for a unique favor to give guests at your wedding? These vertical terrarium wedding favors are such a fun and unique gift to give your guests. And they’re sure to love them! Super easy to put together, you’ll have just as much fun making these as your wedding guests will have receiving them. Plus they’ll look great in any setting!

DIY Wall Garden Favors.

DIY Wall Garden Favors by Ruffled

Vertical Balcony Garden

Apartment living has a lot of benefits, but garden space normally isn’t one of them! If you’ve only got a small balcony to enjoy the outdoors, chances are you’ve come to terms that you won’t be able to grow your own herbs and veggies. But you can rethink that belief with this DIY vertical balcony garden! It transforms even the smallest of outdoor areas into a fertile growing space.

DIY Vertical Balcony Garden.

DIY Vertical Balcony Garden by Brittany Goldwyn

DIY Pallet Vertical Garden

I love the thought of repurposing old to make new. And wooden pallets are the perfect answer for a quick DIY vertical garden. This is a low-cost vertical garden that will look fabulous in any setting!

DIY Wooden Pallet Vertical Garden

DIY Wooden Pallet Garden by Ruffled

DIY Vertical Wall Planter

Who needs outside space when you can grow herbs indoors! This DIY vertical wall planter is perfect for your kitchen wall and keeps herbs right at arm’s length when you need them! Plus it makes a stunning feature for your wall, AND doubles as a handy shelf. I call that a win!

DIY Vertical Wall Planter

DIY Vertical Wall Planter by Homemade by Carmona

Vertical Succulent Garden

If you’re not green fingered then this could be just the garden for you. Succulents are easy to grow and care for, making this vertical succulent garden a great choice if you love low maintenance plants! It makes a fantastic talking piece that looks great on any outdoor wall.

DIY Vertical Succulent Garden.

Vertical Succulent Garden by Refresh Restyle

Staghorn Fern Hanging Garden

Staghorn ferns are such a fun looking plant, and they’re fairly easy to care for too! But how on earth do you make one of those cool looking wall-mounted ferns that you see in the high-end home decor shops? Well, with this tutorial you’ll see it’s actually not that hard at all to create an amazing piece of living artwork!

How to make a wall mounted staghorn fern.

Wall Mounted Staghorn Fern from DIY in DPX

Arrow Vertical Succulent Planter

For those who not only want to create a vertical garden, but who want to do it with flair! These arrow-shaped vertical succulent planters are the perfect way to add a feature wall in your home and showcase some amazing looking plants at the same time.

DIY Vertical Succulent Planter

DIY vertical succulent planter by Her Tool Belt

DIY Pallet Vertical Garden

Another fabulous way to make a vertical garden out of old wooden pallets, this version adds a pop of color to an otherwise boring looking fence. I love the industrial look of this vertical garden, and how it clashes with the prettiness of the potted flowers!

DIY wooden pallet vertical garden.


DIY Pallet Vertical Garden by A Beautiful Mess

Ikea Lack Table Hack To Succulent Vertical Garden

Who would have thought you could create an amazing hanging garden out of an ikea table? This one really takes some thinking outside of the box, but the end result is truly unique and beautiful! Hang it inside to make a real statement piece.

DIY Vertical Succulent Garden

Vertical Succulent Garden by Craftberry Bush

DIY Living Wall with Moveable Planters

This DIY living wall is the perfect solution for small spaces. And what’s even better is that it can be used to separate outside areas for privacy, or to divide a larger garden into different areas. The planters are moveable so you can mix and match depending on what kind of a look you’re going for!

Diy Living Wall with moveable planters

Living Wall with Moveable Planters by Oleander and Palm

Vertical Garden Hanging Gutter Planter

This hanging garden is such a fun and unique way to add colours to your outdoor space! And who would have thought gutters could create such a great looking feature! This one takes a little more work to put together, but the end result is well worth it!

DIY Vertical hanging garden

Vertical Hanging Garden by Reality Daydream

Living Wall Vertical Planter From Wooden Bowls

OK, stop press. This might just be the best idea I’ve seen yet for a unique vertical planter feature wall! I’m in love with the mismatched wooden bowls, the grains of the wood, and the contrast of all that green leafy foliage… If you’re looking for me, I’ll be out buying bowls!

DIY Living Wall Planter

Living Wall Vertical Planter by Reality Daydream

DIY: Simple Modern Vertical Herb Garden

Possibly the simplest hanging garden yet, this vertical herb garden is a must for any patio wall! Even the DIY challenged among us could probably put this together without too much trouble. So what are you waiting for?

DIY Vertical herb garden

Vertical Herb Garden by The Fresh Exchange

Easy DIY Wall Planter

Be still my heart! This is yet another amazingly unique and stunning wall planter that I’m now dying to have on my dining room wall. Just the right amount of rustic elements and modern charm will decorate your living space in no time. Use recycled leather, or alternatively use fabric straps for a vegan version.

DIY Vertical Wall Planter

DIY Wall Planter by Love and Renovations

Wall Sconce DIY Planter

A slightly simpler and more freestyle version of the wooden bowl vertical planter featured above. These single vertical planters can be arranged on any spare wall space, creating just the right effect. I love these just as much as their full wall hanging counterpart… Now I just have to chose which to make first!

Vertical planters. DIY wall planters.

DIY Wall Sconce Planter from Reality Daydream

DIY Tropical Pallet Living Wall

Wooden pallets for the win again! This time we’re using them to create a lush green living wall that would look great anywhere! With so much foliage, the wood itself isn’t the feature, so you can get away without spending hours on the finish. A quick DIY project to knock together in no time!

DIY Wooden Pallet Living Wall

Tropical Pallet Living Wall by A Piece of Rainbow

DIY Scalloped Wall Planter

This DIY scalloped wall planter is a great way to reuse plastic and reduce waste in your home! Plus it makes a super fun addition to any wall that needs a little brightening up! Really easy to put together – this is a good project to get the kids involved with!

DIY Scalloped Wall Planter

Scalloped Wall Planter from The Crafted Life

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20 Creative DIY Vertical Garden Ideas. Would you love to have a garden but you're short on space? These DIY vertical garden ideas will give you plenty of inspiration for creating a vertical garden or living wall in your home! #garden #smallspacegarden #verticalgarden #livingwall #wallgarden

20 DIY Vertical garden ideas to try in your garden today. If you've always wanted a garden, green space or flower wall but you're short on space, help is at hand! These easy DIY vertical gardens are just the thing to get you growing in no time! #gardenideas #diy #outdoorspaces #verticalgarden #flowerwall #gardenwall #woodenpalletgarden #gardenideas
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