From kitchen trash to cooking smells, the air in your home may not always have the most pleasant fragrance going on! While you can always go the quick way and use a store-bought air freshener, studies have found that many contain harmful chemicals and additives. And who wants to add that to their air! How about going the healthy (and green) way by trying your hand at these super simple DIY natural air fresheners? Sounds interesting right? Keep reading to discover how to use them!

DIY Natural Air Fresheners

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#1 Houseplants

What could be easier than having house plants freshen up the air in your home? Not only are they eco-friendly, but also probably the best natural air freshener option there is. Choose from the many different plants that have air purifying action and actively reduce the allergens and pollutants indoors. The spider plant is a great choice as it removes pollutants from the air while at the same time freshening it. Plus it is super easy to grow! Some other great options include Dracaena, Ficus, Boston fern, Weeping fig, Bamboo plant, Snake plant and Aloe vera.

#2 Dried Herbs

Love DIYs? Spend some time whipping up a beautifully scented potpourri made of dried herbs and flowers for a sweet, pleasant fragrance. You can also team ‘em up with some essential oils to give it an extra powerful fragrance that drifts all day long throughout your home. Choose from herbs like lemon balm, cinnamon, rosemary, peppermint, chamomile etc and experiment with using them in combination with each other to create different blends.

#3 Coffee

Guess what? Your favorite morning pick-me-up can double up as a natural air freshener too! Whether you grind your own coffee or simply brew it, coffee can be an excellent way to liven up the atmosphere in your home and give it a nice, strong fragrance that you’ll love. Plus, it also tends to absorb undesirable odors like that of onions and garlic. Just place some coffee grounds in an old (clean!) sock, tie it up and place it near an air vent and just wait for the wonderful aroma to spread through your home!

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#4 Fresh Herbs

Got a green thumb? Indoor gardening can not only be a great stress buster, but planting some herbs in small containers can lend the air in your home a lovely fresh fragrance as well! Pick from lavender, peppermint, rosemary, geranium and other such fresh herbs that smell great. You can pot them in small containers and place them on the windowsill or have them liven up an indoor wall.

#5 Simmering Potpourri

From holiday home owners to healthy living enthusiasts, everyone is obsessed with how something as simple as a simmering potpourri can work wonders in freshening up the air in your home so fast! It’s as simple as bringing a pot of water up to a gentle simmer and adding in some cloves, allspice, citrus peel and a stick of cinnamon. Then allow it to simmer for an hour or longer, adding water if necessary.

Freshening up the air in your home is made simple with these easy natural DIY air fresheners. Which one will you try first?

DIY Air Fresheners | Natural Air Fresheners | DIY Natural Air Fresheners | Homemade Air Fresheners | Air Purifiers | Natural Air Purifiers | Easy Natural Air Fresheners
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