Every parent should make an effort to teach his or her children about charitable giving. Teaching your children about the importance of helping people in need by demonstrating or performing charitable activities is beneficial to both the children and society at large. As a parent, there are several ways in which you can teach your children about charitable giving.

How to get kids thinking more charitably

How to be more charitable as a family.

Share stories of people who have helped those in need

One of the best ways to teach children about charitable giving is by sharing with them stories of individuals who have helped those in need through various activities.

When you share a story with your children about such people then they too will be motivated to also help those in need in their area through charitable giving. Allow your children to read stories or view programs about people who have dedicated their time and resources to perform charitable acts in order to help those in need.

Become a role model for your children

As a parent it is important for you to lead by example, your children need to see you help those in need by performing charitable acts and then they too will learn how to do the same. You should arrange to perform a few volunteer activities with your children as a way of teaching them how to help those in need.

You can plan a visit with your kids to the community school, church or any other local non-profit organization and offer your help or resources. You can also sign up with your children for joint participation in a charity event in your community such as a fund-raising activity towards a certain cause in the community.

Arrange to make donations with your kids

Another way to teach your children about charitable giving is by donating used clothes or toys and money to certain charity organizations. This will teach your children how giving to those in need can make a difference in other people’s lives.

Encourage your kids to organize fund-raising activities

As a parent, you can help your kids to organize for a bake sale, a yard sale, or a car wash and suggest to them that all the money collected should be donated to charity organizations which offer aid to the needy.

Teach children how to give their time charitably

Children should also be taught that charitable giving does not necessarily mean giving money or items to those in need. It also means that one can give their time to help those in need such as helping the elderly with chores, run errands, wash and clean up for those who are sick etc.

You can teach children about charitable giving through the above-mentioned methods and help them to become responsible and caring citizens of the community.

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