Think about the trash that you put out on the curb on a weekly basis. Do you feel it’s excessive at times? Take the thought a bit further and think about what you threw away this past week from your home. Don’t limit it to just food items, but think big-picture of anything that you threw out. Were any of the items reusable in any way at all? It can be difficult to think about our trash as something that could have possibly been reused or of value, but it’s important to recognize that there are items that are thrown out each and every day that have the possibility to be repurposed and reused.

If most of your trash can’t be reused, then it’s time to stop using single-use products. While it can be difficult to transition and get into the reusing and recycling frame of mind, it’s important to do so for many reasons. It helps save your money by not having to buy new things, it saves our environment by producing less trash to pollute our earth and it’s an important lesson for our children. If you need some help in understanding how using reusable items can save you money, here are five easy ways to implement reusable items in your life!

How to Save Money by Using Reusable Items

6 Ways Using Reusable Items Can Save You Money

#1 Ditch the paper napkins.

The money spent buying paper napkins can build up over time. Instead, purchase cloth napkins and wash between uses. The price may be a little higher to initially, but they’ll quickly pay for themselves with the money you’ll save buying paper napkins. Plus, they look and feel a whole lot more luxurious!

#2 Use your own shopping bags at the grocery store.

Not only are you saving the environment by not using single-use plastic bags. But some stores actually offer a discount on your grocery bill if you bring your own reusable bags from home to pack your groceries in. Double money saving win!

#3 Say no to the plastic water bottles.

Seriously, just stop buying them. They are harmful to our environment and expensive as well! Invest your money in a reusable water bottle that you can use for a much, much longer duration. It saves you money and if you find one that is made chemical-free, it’s much healthier for you as well.


#4 Check out the thrift stores and garage sales.

Bargains are aplenty at thrift stores! If you’ve never ventured into a thrift store or woken up early on a Saturday morning to hit the neighborhood garage sales, you’re missing out. Many of these places have brand new, never-used items for 1/4 of the cost, and sometimes even more of a saving than that. Why spend more money for something brand new when you can buy it used or new, from someone else? Sounds like an awesome way to save money, and the planet, to me!

#5 Invest in a reusable coffee filter.

If you love all things coffee, you probably go through a ton of coffee filters. Those purchases can add up! Plus, they are wasteful. If your coffee pot can handle a reusable coffee filter, it’s time to make the switch. The lifespan of a reusable coffee filter can vary, but I can guarantee you that it lasts longer than the paper ones that you are using right now. And before you throw out those paper coffee filters to replace with a reusable filter, wait! You can use those paper coffee filters for other things in your home. They make great additions to craft projects and are a good cleaner for windows and glass surfaces!

It can be easy to find ways to save money when you start thinking about all the items in your home that you can repurpose and reuse. Challenge yourself to reuse more items and save money doing so!

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