When a friend had a sick dog she had to take to the vet, and that dog left his, well, ‘sickness’ all over her car floor, she asked how to get the smell out. The answer was easy: fresh coffee grounds on the floor, let them sit, and then vacuum them up! It’s amazing the alternative uses one can find for coffee grounds, other than brewing a cup of wake-up juice!

Let’s look at some of the other unusual ways to reuse coffee grounds – that you may not have thought of before!

Alternative Uses for Coffee Grounds
How to recycle coffee grounds in your home.

How to Reuse Coffee Grounds to Remove Odors

Used coffee grinds don’t only remove pet odor. If you have been chopping onions, rub a little ground coffee on your hands and then rinse, and the onion smell will wash right down the drain!

Milk (of any variety) spilled on carpet can sour and smell terrible, especially if spilled on car carpeting or seating. Put used coffee grounds over the spill and leave them in the car to absorb up the odor of the spoiled milk.

Reuse coffee grounds to eliminate bad smells in your fridge or freezer. Simply place a container of used coffee grounds into the refrigerator or freezer. Leave the used coffee grounds in there for up to two weeks to help remove any stale or bad odors from the fridge and then toss them away or use them again for one of the other recycled coffee ground hacks in this article!


Using Coffee Grounds for Plants

Both coffee and used coffee groundsĀ are good for most indoor and outdoor houseplants and flowers. Adding the used coffee grounds as a top layer over the soil of the plant is beneficial not only to perk plants up but also to help them absorb nutrients better and keep pests like sugar ants away.

For rosebushes, used coffee grounds can be put outside in the rose bed to help keep the soil rich. You can also pour the dregs of your coffee cup into the rose garden, assuming you don’t use cream or sugar – as both will attract ants more than the coffee will repel them!

If you have trouble keeping your cats from digging in your plants, mix used coffee grounds with lemon oils or lemon essential oils, and spread the mixture around the houseplants on top of the soil. Kitty won’t come near the plant after that, but it’s not toxic or harmful to your little purr box.

Using coffee grounds for gardening.

How to Reuse Coffee Grounds for Pest Control

Those little ants that like to take over your home, particularly your bathroom and kitchens, during the summer months will be deterred by a ring of used coffee grounds around areas they are known to frequent. The ants shouldn’t cross the grounds, and after the ones you can see disappear, you can remove the grounds and rinse the area which should stay ant-free for a time.

This is a preferred solution to get rid of ants when compared to harsh chemicals that might hurt you or your family. Plus, it only deters the ants so it’s a great vegan-friendly way of keeping a pest-free house!

Used Coffee Coffee Grounds for Antiquing

When I used to purchase wooden furniture at flea markets, I’d bring it home and sand it down and then use a sponge dipped in a paste of wet used coffee grounds to lightly color the wood with an antiqued tint, before applying a sealant or varnish coat.

This made my old flea market furniture look like a unique and interesting find that was worth much more!

Used coffee grounds for antiquing.

There are many more wonderful uses for coffee grounds, but these are the methods that I’ve personally tried and tested. Do you have any favorite ways to reuse coffee grounds around your home?

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How to reuse coffee grounds around your home. Tried and tested ways to utilise used coffee grounds!

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