Making the move to a tiny house can be a big shift, but if you’re moving toward a more minimalist lifestyle, it might be the right move to make. Downsizing your life can present a few challenges – that’s a fact. But it can come with some unexpected benefits, too. Here are a few hidden perks of living in a minimalist tiny house.

Why Living in a Minimalist Tiny House is Good For You in More Ways Than One

Unexpected benefits of living in a minimalist tiny house.

#1 You’ll streamline your diet.

Living in a minimalist tiny house means you won’t have a ton of room to store your food. Some people who live in tiny houses make the smart decision to make do with a smaller-than-normal fridge, and you’ll have to say goodbye to the walk-in pantry! While this might seem inconvenient at first, the benefits of having less food storage space are two-fold.

Having less room to store food means you’ll have to make more mindful food choices and, hopefully, will be more inclined to opt for healthier, fresher ingredients. You’ll also find that you have less food waste since your food will have fewer places to hide (and therefore expire before you can use it!). Instead of filling your freezer with frozen veggies and ready-to-eat dinners, or stuffing your cabinets with chips and prepackaged snacks, you’ll find your space will go much farther if you stock up on non-perishable staples like rice, couscous or quinoa and opt for fresh vegetables and fruits that can be stored on the shelf.

#2 You’ll get out more.

Living in a minimalist tiny home means you won’t have a ton of stuff to distract you around the house. You’ll have a few things on hand to keep you entertained – books, board games, your computer, or whatever other ‘necessities’ you choose – but in many cases, it’ll be less than you had when you lived in a full-sized home. This might not sound like a benefit at first, but if you use this as motivation to get out and explore a little more, you’ll be amazed to see how much you grow from the change.

Spending less time at home and more time socialising will help you meet new people and maintain relationships. You’ll be tempted to try new hobbies, visit that restaurant you’ve been wanting to go to, or to join the tennis club. You’ll see new places, and you’ll benefit from the experiences you create for yourself and share with others.

#3 You’ll have more money.

Making the move to a tiny house could come with an upfront cost if it’s your first home. But if you’re downsizing, you’ll reap the benefit of a tiny mortgage, or indeed, none at all! Mini bills are a thing, too. It costs a lot less to heat, cool, and decorate a tiny home than a regular-sized one!

#4 You won’t want as much stuff.

Living in a small space means you’ll want to embrace a minimalist lifestyle by necessity. Clutter gets overwhelming quickly in a tiny house. When you only have a few square feet of surface area to prep your food and store your stuff, you’ll come to value your space. Because of this, you’ll quickly lose the urge to impulse shop or convince yourself to buy things simply because they’re on sale.

#5 You’ll Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Living in a minimalist tiny house is one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint and live an eco-friendly lifestyle. You’ll need less energy to heat and cool your home, and you’ll have less energy-hungry appliances too!

Many tiny home-owners opt for earth-friendly options like solar panels for energy, recycling rainwater, or even using a composting toilet. But even if you’re not ready to make big changes, the simple act of living ‘smaller’ will mean you’re contributing less waste to the environment.

#6 You’ll Sleep Better

Living in a tiny home often means you have less to worry about. From having fewer bills to not worrying about decorating and furnishing so many rooms, there’s just less of everything – including sleep-stealing worries! Plus, when you can only fit a bed in your room, you (maybe unwillingly) make it into a haven where sleep – not working or watching TV – is the priority.

#7 You’ll spend two minutes on chores.

When you live in a space much smaller than the average home, you won’t have nearly as much to clean when it’s time to tidy up. In a tiny house, everything has its proper place, from your coffee mugs to your gym shoes, and you’ll quickly learn the importance of putting everything back where it’s supposed to go! In most tiny houses, you don’t really have enough space to create clutter in the first place. So while you might struggle to adjust to your smaller space initially, you certainly won’t miss having so much to clean!

Whatever your motivation for moving into a minimalist tiny house, you’ll soon find there are many benefits for this change in lifestyle. Which one will convince you to make the move?

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