Keeping your home in order can feel like a never-ending battle. There’s a constant list of to-do’s to tackle, from laundry and dishes to dusty floorboards and dirty bathrooms. When you’re dealing with a busy schedule and you’re always on the go, it can be a challenge to put everything back in its proper place. Add messy kids and pets into the mix, and you can be faced with a task that feels entirely impossible. However, you’ll thank yourself later if you can keep your space as clutter-free as possible.

If you’re on a mission to embrace a little more tidiness in your life, consider these six easy tricks to keeping a tidier home.

How to Keep a Tidier Home

how to keep a tidier home. 6 home hacks to keep your home tidier.

#1 Take ten minutes to tidy up each day.

If you feel like you’re constantly chasing the goal of a clean home, incorporate a little clean-up into your daily routine to see some real results. Find ten minutes toward the end of your day and commit to cleaning your space during that time. Tackle as much as you can. Sort the mail, sweep the floor, put away dishes from dinner, or start one last load of laundry before you go to sleep. If you put a time limit on it, you’ll be amazed how much you can accomplish in such a short span of time.

#2 Have fun with labels.

Labels can be a great way to bring order to cluttered kitchens, busy offices, and other areas of the house where there is a lot going on. If your family can’t seem to remember which drawer the can opener should go in, consider ordering a label maker and giving them a little extra guidance. Get everyone together to agree on the proper place for everything and commit by affixing a label. You’ll eliminate confusion and create a tidier, more orderly home.

#3 Establish a schedule.

Lots of cleaning to-do’s need to happen on a regular basis. Sweeping, vacuuming, washing the bedsheets and dusting the baseboards should all occur on a schedule. Decide to tackle certain tasks on specific days of the week. Get into the habit of sweeping every Monday and cleaning the fridge each Tuesday and those tasks will feel a lot less burdensome. You’ll find yourself tidying your home without even thinking about it.

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#4 Clean when you can.

Take advantage of little moments to tackle small cleaning tasks. Try to fold a few towels or sweep the living room when a commercial comes on. If you’re cooking dinner, don’t just stare at the oven as your sauce simmers – step back and load the dishwasher or do something else to be a little bit more productive. Using these small moments to straighten out your space can really help you keep a tidier home.

#5 Eliminate clutter.

Minimalism is one of the hottest trends right now, and it’s easy to see why. Keeping a lot of physical stuff can weigh us down, distract us from the things that matter, create more for us to clean, and is generally burdensome. Try to get rid of the things that don’t truly hold value for you. You may be surprised to see what you’re holding onto for sentimental reasons or don’t really know why you’re hoarding at all. The simple act of decluttering your space will instantly make your home appear tidier.

If you can’t bear to get rid of everything straight away. Store it in the garage, and if after a year you haven’t needed/wanted it – give it away! Just be sure not to make your garage a cluttered mess in the process!

#6 Get everyone involved.

If you’re the only one concerned with keeping your home clean, you’re fighting a losing battle. Get the whole family involved in the process of keeping things clean and you’ll find yourself with a lot less work to do.

You can establish a weekly rotation of household duties or create a chores chart and use stickers to congratulate kids for a job well done. Alternately, you can just find a time where everyone stops what they’re doing each day to pitch in and straighten everything up. However you choose to tackle it, getting your family to buy into your cleaning strategy and pitch in is an easy and logical way to create a tidier home for yourself.

Let’s face it. No-one loves cleaning, but everyone enjoys living in a tidier home. Put these 6 cleaning hacks into action and you’ll soon find that tidying up doesn’t have to be such a chore!

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