Living the best and healthiest life possible is a priority for many. And we all want a clean and healthy environment to live and thrive in. But is it possible to save money by going green? The answer is yes. First, let’s start by fully understanding what “going green” actually means. In a nutshell, it means making decisions in your life that are more friendly to the environment. To look after it now and for future generations. It’s ultimately finding a way to leave the planet in better shape than you found it.

Thinking of ways to go green to help the earth can be a long and wonderful list. Thinking of ways to go green while saving money can be a little more complicated, but totally doable. Need a little inspiration to get that think-tank going? Here are some suggestions on ways that you can save money by going green.

How to Save Money by Going Green

How to Save Money by Going Green. Eco-Friendly Living | Saving Money | Frugal Living | Sustainable Living | Money Saving Hacks #money #eco #sustainability #green

#1 Bike and Walk More Often.

Think about your commute on a daily basis. How far do you travel to work? If you’re lucky enough to work in a walkable or bikeable radius, go for it. Not only will you be going green by not putting more pollutants in the air, but you will also be saving money by not having to fill your car up with gas on a weekly basis. You’ll also save money by having less wear and tear on your vehicle, which means fewer repair bills. Also, if you find yourself driving your car less often than before, contact your insurance company and ask if they have a cheaper monthly rate for your insurance plan since you aren’t driving your vehicle that often. Many times, they offer discounts based on the estimated mileage you are driving in a year. So stop polluting the air and start saving some money and as an added bonus you’ll feel fitter and healthier too!

#2 Use rechargeable batteries.

Everything these days seems to use some sort of battery. What better way to stop filling the landfills than to stop using batteries that we use once and then dump? Rechargeable batteries are great. Not only are they priced well, but they can be reused over and over again. Those weekly trips to the store for batteries will be no more if you can switch to rechargeable. They pay for themselves within 2-3 uses and can be used for a long time compared to any other batteries. Give ’em a try, you may be pleasantly surprised at how easy they are to use and charge – and how much money you’ll save in the long term!

#3 Buy more used and refurbished items.

We are a society that loves to purchase “things”. But not all items have to be purchased brand new. There are a ton of stores that sell used/refurbished items for a heavily discounted price. Not only does that save you a lot of money, but it also saves perfectly good items being wasted and thrown away – damaging the environment. It also saves on materials from being used in excess by having to constantly build brand new items. At times, refurbished and recycled can be just as good as buying brand new.

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#4 Carpool more often.

If you absolutely need a car to get to and from work, find a coworker to carpool with. It cuts down on the number of cars on the road which means fewer pollutants in the air, and it saves money as it splits the travel costs between those who you are carpooling with. Plus, you get to try out the carpool line on the highway too – getting you to work faster!

#5 Plant your own garden.

What better way to reduce carbon dioxide and increase oxygen in our air than by planting and growing your own garden? Besides those awesome benefits to our planet, you’re also saving money by growing your own food. It’s amazing how your grocery bill can dramatically decrease by eating food straight from your own garden!

While the above ways to save money by going green can be used as a guideline, there are many other ways to help our planet and your wallet. Don’t give up on trying to combine both to work together. It sometimes just takes time, planning and patience. Start that journey today and start to save money by going green!

How to Save Money by Going Green. Eco-Friendly Living | Saving Money | Frugal Living | Sustainable Living | Money Saving Hacks #money #eco #sustainability #green
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