Looking for some fun and creative sensory activities for toddlers? These garden-themed sensory play ideas tick all the right boxes. And many of them you don’t even need to get dirty for! Simply throw some simple things together and get ‘gardening’. The kids will love these sensory activities and they’re great for their fine motor skills too. Let’s get started!

20 Fun Sensory Activities for Toddlers

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20 fun and creative sensory activities for toddlers and preschoolers. Check out these garden themed sensory play ideas for kids! #sensory #kids #play #DIY

Vegetable Garden Discovery Bottle Activity for Preschoolers

There is nothing more entertaining to a child than making something all by themselves! They are so proud of their work, and it’s easy for you to be proud of them too. This creative garden sensory bottle is just what your kiddo needs to keep them entertained. This design has bright colors and gives the illusion of food growing in the dirt. Pretty awesome!

Sensory activities for toddlers

Garden Clean Mud Sensory Bin

Never heard of clean mud before? No problem! Clean mud is a creation that is perfect for playtime on the days when the weather doesn’t exactly cooperate. This super fun idea is made from toilet paper, soap, water, and coffee grinds. I can assure you that your kids are going to have a hay day playing with it!

Clean mud sensory play for kids

Mini Garden Sensory Bin

It is so entertaining to grow your own pretend vegetables no matter how old you are. You don’t have to worry about boredom creeping up on your toddler because he is going to have a blast. Your child can practice watering the carrots and picking them for fun. The hardest part is going to be not to eat the candied carrot!

Mini garden sensory play for babies

Preschool Garden Vegetable Garden Sensory Bin

Playing with dried beans, coffee beans, plastic vegetables, and fruit is exactly what you need to make the perfect sensory bin for toddlers. Just imagine while your little ones are busy playing you might even be able to get some extra chores done. Once they start playing you are going to have a hard time getting them to stop!

Sensory play ideas for preschoolers

Garden Soup

Anything that has the word soup in the title is bound to be a blast with kids! This garden soup won’t disappoint. Plus, your children can build their fine motor skills while having a great time. Another remarkable aspect of this idea is that you can go on a hunt for flower petals and other items to use. Adventure time in the garden!

Garden Soup outdoor play ideas for toddlers

DIY Spring Sensory Bottles

Not only are these sensory bottles terrific to play with, but they are also loads of fun to make too. You can pick anything you would like to go into yours to personalize it. Choose bugs, flowers, small toys, or anything else that comes to mind. Happy crafting!

DIY Spring Sensory Bottle ideas for kids

Counting Seeds Gardening Sensory Bin

Your child won’t even realize she is learning when she plays with this counting seeds gardening sensory bin. You can add some bright colors, and your little one can practice math and counting. You can even pretend to water your seeds and grow some flowers. Such a unique idea!

Garden sensory activities for toddlers

Spring Garden Sensory Box

Teach your little one about plants and how gardens grow with this exciting project. One thing is for sure; there will be hours spent playing and learning with this sensory box. Grab some small gardening gloves, garden tools, and let the planting begin!

Sensory activities for babies

Garden Sensory Bin

All you need is some fabric flowers, mini flower pots, black beans, a shallow container, wire cutters, and plastic sand tools to get this sensory activity for toddlers underway. You can rake and shovel the pods and plant the flowers. This is fun, entertaining, and looks terrific too. I can assure you all the kids will be smiling when they are playing with this one.

Gardening sensory idea for kids

Veggie Garden Sensory Bin

Time to make a sensory garden bin using plastic veggies. The beans are lovely for little fingers to pick up and work with. Add all your favorite vegetables and artificial flowers. Creativity will be going through your child’s mind as soon as she lays eyes on it. And it’s a nice clean indoor activity too!

Toddler sensory play ideas

Spring Garden Fine Motor Sensory Activity

Let your kiddo get his hands dirty with this terrific activity to increase motor skills. Plus, it is a beautiful experience to feel, smell and play with the dirt. Toss in some gummy worms, vegetables, or anything else you like. Let the playing begin!

Garden sensory activities for preschoolers

Butterfly Garden Sensory Bin

Butterflies, bugs, flowers and more to play with in this sensory bin. Get busy organizing and sorting all the items in your container. This is a great project that isn’t messy, but you can’t help but have a great time. Time to garden!

Butterfly garden sensory play ideas

Outdoor Sensory Play – Exploring Fresh Herbs

This activity is so incredible because it gives your preschooler the opportunity to practice their cutting skills safely! Plus, the smells and feel of fresh herbs in their hands are terrific. The best part is adding water, getting extra wet and maybe even a little dirty. Fun times!

Sensory soup for kids

Simple Spring Nature Sensory Bottles

Is there anything that says it is springtime more than the smell of fresh cut flowers? These sensory bottles are relaxing and comforting. They look elegant, and you can’t help but enjoy your time playing with them. Use recycled bottles and make your own.

Sensory play ideas for toddlers

Carrot Garden Sensory Bin

This sensory garden bin literally takes five minutes to get ready. You just pour all the materials into a tray and get to work playing. What could be easier or more entertaining than that? Your little ones are going to have a blast!

Sensory activities for toddlers

Garden Sensory Bin

Potting soil is never dull to touch and feel! Add some fruits, vegetables and little toy garden animals, and you will have hours of playtime right at your fingertips. Practice digging, burying vegetables and finding them again.

Garden Sensory activities for preschoolers

Zen Garden Sensory Play

This zen garden sensory play isn’t just for kids. Adults can also find it very relaxing to rake the sand and move the seashells. Use rocks (which you could go on an adventure to find), sand, sticks, and seashells! Super good time!!

Garden Sensory Bin idea for kids

Sparkle Garden Sensory Bin

When you dye rice, add some sparkles and start having a blast you know you’ve made a sparkle garden sensory bin. You can make this as different as you wish. There aren’t any wrong ways to do it, and the kids are going to love it. Get creative and make a terrific sensory bin!

Sparkle Garden sensory play ideas for toddlers

Vegetable Garden Sensory Bin

Awaken several different senses with this unique activity bin. Touch, sight, and sound to be more specific with this sensory bin. Allow your child the freedom to play creatively, and you both will be pleased. Use play animals, vegetables, and beans to get busy!

Sensory garden for babies

Flower Sensory Squish Bag

There is nothing more fun than one of these squish bags! Use foam sticker shapes to get your flowers. Plus, you will need a little hair gel, food coloring, freezer bag, and packing tape. Your littles are going to love this terrific project.

Sensory activities for toddlers

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