Totally forgot to buy wrapping paper in the middle of the Christmas shopping frenzy? 

Shopping during the holiday season can get hectic, and forgetting those small (but super important) details is actually a thing. Or hey, maybe you’d rather get creative this year with your gift-wrapping and give your loved ones something unique rather than yet another generic Christmas pattern.

We’ve put together some really cute (and simple) ideas to wrap your presents. From Pringle cans to toilet paper rolls and tassels, here are our top DIY wrapping paper ideas for Christmas (and beyond!)

Wrapping Paper Hacks for Gifts

Looking to creative ways to wrap your presents this year? We've rounded up 20 DIY Wrapping Paper Hacks so you can forgo the boring stock standard Xmas wrap this year! #Xmas #Christmas #gifts #giftwrapping #xmashacks

DIY Newspaper Wrapping

That stack of old newspapers lying around is a perfect way to wrap gifts! Not only does it look stylish and somewhat blasé (in a cool way), it’s also a great way to recycle and be environmentally-friendly. We love using the comic sections, color images, and pages with cool typography on them.

Get Your Paint Brushes Out

If you love DIY and going that extra mile when gift-giving, then wrap presents up with plain white paper and then get creative with your brush and paint! You don’t have to be skilled at painting to create cute wrapping paper this way – it’s more about adding a splash of color to the otherwise plain white paper.

This is a fun way to get the kids involved in wrapping presents for the family – or even a creative way to reuse some of the (many!) paintings they bring home from school. Just check they’re ok with it first…

Triangular Boxes

If you like doing things differently, make your own triangle boxes using heavy paper or cardboard – this is also a great hack to wrap gifts that come in an awkward shape and a rectangular box doesn’t quite do the trick.

Fresh Leaves as Ribbons

If you’re into all things unique, ditch the ribbons and go leaf picking to the park. Not only do the leaves look extra cute, but they can also be a great way to add a holiday theme to your gift – think pine tree leaves or mistletoe for Christmas. Or even throw some cute flowers in the mix! Just don’t try this gift wrapping hack too soon before the big day or your ‘ribbons’ could wilt.

Diy gift wrapping ideas to try

Use photos instead of name tags

If you want your gift to feel super personal, ditch the name tag and go for a photo instead. In can be anything – from a recent picture, an embarrassing yearbook photo (a great idea for high school Christmas reunions), or even a childhood picture if you’re exchanging gifts with old friends or family.

Glitter Ribbon

Another super fun idea for all my extra ladies out there. Get your ribbons, glue them up and then sprinkle them with glitter. This looks especially cute when wrapped with white or recycled paper!

creative gift wrapping techniques to steal this christmas!

Candy Method

If your gift comes in an awkward shape, you can just take a candy wrapping paper, put the gift in it and then make a candy bar of it. This will make your gift more fun for friends. Use ribbons or something fun like buttons to add the final touches and voila!

Jingle Bells

If it’s a simple Christmas gift wrap you’re looking for – why not utilize the tricks of the season and have your wrapping match the occasion! You can add that extra festive touch by decorating your gifts with jingle bells instead of ribbons.

DIY wrap for Christmas presents

Tissue Paper tassels or fringes

If you want to go that extra mile while gift wrapping, here’s an idea: tissue paper tassels instead of ribbons.

Grab some paper and cut it into fringes to make a cute tassel! Extra points if you have some colorful paper lying around.

Yarn Masterpiece

If you have a ball of yarn ant home, you can use it to make a sort of fun design or even write the name of the gift receiver in cursive letters. You can also spray paint on the threads of yarn to make them colorful, but even a nude color can look super elegant.

DIY wrapping paper ideas

3D Wrap

If you want to impress your friends and family with your creative wrapping skills, then you should give 3D wrapping paper a go. The options are endless here, but a few ideas include painting or drawing something they love on the wrapping sheet and attaching candies, buttons, or shells on top. You can use any odd bits and bobs you have lying about the house! This idea takes a little longer, but if you’re feeling crafty, it’s such a fun way to wrap a present.

Make your own bags

If a box doesn’t quite do the trick for an awkwardly-shaped item, then you can make your own paper bags with your wrapping paper using a pair of scissors and tape. 

Or, if you have some spare fabric and a little thread, you can whip up a DIY gift bag in no time at all. And it’s sure to impress! This is such a fun DIY wrapping paper hack, you’ll want to gift all your presents this way.

DIY wrapping paper hacks

Aluminum Foil Wrapping Paper

Aluminum foil and plastic sheet boxes are always available at home, which makes them a great last-minute DIY wrapping paper hack. You can use it to wrap sweets or cookies and then use a colorful ribbon or even glitter to hide the fact that you totally forgot to get wrapping paper and had to get crafty.

Use glitter or confetti to add that extra touch

If you love all things fancy, use double-sided tape or glue to add that final touch to your presents. It’s super easy and looks really original. Red, green, or gold glitter does the trick for that festive feel, or use colored confetti to add an element of fun to your kid’s birthday presents.

DIY gift wrapping hacks

Don’t Trash the Toilet Paper Rolls

Got a small gift like jewelry or a gift card? Grab a toilet paper roll, fold it up, and make a box out of it. Wrap it or paint it, put a ribbon on it, and voila you’ve got a cute as pie DIY Christmas gift wrap!

Wrap with fabric

We’ve all got a torn pair of jeans or t-shirts collecting dust in our closet. Instead of throwing them away, use them as an eco-friendly way to wrap your presents! If you have lots of time on your hands, you could even make a fun wrapping quilt, but even just a fun denim fabric can look super original!

The Japanese art of Furoshiki draws on this art of reusing fabric scraps to create beautifully wrapped presents – see the picture below. Learn how to gift wrap your presents this way, and you’ll be converted for life. It’s also the perfect zero-waste swap for wrapping paper.

Zero waste wrapping hacks

Use your old comic books 

Unless you’re an avid collector, chances are you have a few old comic books collecting dust in the basement. Not only are comics a fun and colorful way to wrap presents, they also have that nostalgia effect and can open up to a fun conversation!

LED Lights

If you want to add a unique twist to your gift wrapping, then go to your nearest Dollar Store and grab a sequence of Christmas lights and use them to add a funky wrapping element to your gift. Small colorful bulbs are always fun!

Decorating christmas gifts with LED lights

Reuse Pringle Cans for Prints

Love pringles? Well, keep the cans as they can be a really cool place to put smaller gifts. Wrap them up and you’ve got yourself a perfect place to put smaller gifts like prints, candy or homemade cookies!

Repurpose Old Boxes

We’ve all got a stash of old cardboard boxes around the house somewhere. Whether it’s an old shoebox, an Amazon delivery box, or even a used cookie carton – any box can be given a makeover to become a creative gift wrapping idea.

Just give it a spray of paint, get your glue guns out and decorate it with strings & ribbons, or even cover it with wallpaper remnants or scraps of paper – the possibilities are endless!

creative gift wrapping ideas for Christmas and beyond

And that’s our list of hacks! Do you any other brilliant wrapping paper ideas? Let us know in the comment section!

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