Making creative things with rope is so easy and the end result has a rustic and farmhouse style appeal! With these creative rope decoration ideas, even the most inexperienced DIYer can make incredible things out of rope. In many cases, all you need to get started is some rope, a glue gun, and an idea!

So let’s dive in and discover some fun things to make with rope…

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DIY Rope Tote

Did you know you can take a rope and transform it into a gorgeous tote bag? This tutorial shows you how to do just that! You just need some basic sewing skills, rope, a few other materials and a desire to make a fantastic bag all on your own. You can paint the bag any color you like too. As a matter of fact, you could make several and give them out as personalized DIY gifts.

Make a DIY rope tote

DIY Rope Plate Chargers

I love the look of the rope charger plate because it is so elegant and rustic. If you have an upcoming wedding, these would be fabulous for place settings too. These chargers are the perfect asset to your table when you are entertaining. Have a peek because I am sure you are going to want to see this gorgeous tutorial.

DIY rope place mats

DIY Rope Shelf

Give yourself some extra storage space, and do it in style with a DIY rope shelf. The perfect project if you are just starting with DIY too. The look is terrific, and it is super simple to make. Can you go wrong with something that turns out so cute and is minimal effort to make? Huge win!

DIY rope shelf

DIY Finger Knit Rope Trivet

Create these rope trivets and you’ll no longer have to worry about leaving rings on your furniture. Perhaps make an entire set to have around the house or office. Once you get the hang of using your fingers to knit, it is pretty easy too. These are also a great bridal shower or Mother’s day gifts as they’re so cute and easy to make.

DIY cup coasters

Large Rope Handles

We have all been there when you find an incredible piece of furniture to refinish and have to replace the handles. You walk into the hardware store thinking you can grab handles fairly inexpensively and are shocked by how expensive they can be. If you want a more economical way to update furniture handles try this method instead!

DIY rope handles

DIY Sisal Rope Placemats

You can make these rope placemats with just a hot glue gun and rope! How easy is that? They can also be made in as little as five minutes per placemat. If you enjoy making crafts, you really need to try this one. The result is super pretty and perfect for having friends over for dinner.

DIY rope placemats

Rope Coil Vessels

Make these DIY rope coil vessels for your office, bathroom, craft room or anywhere else that you want to be organized. Toss in cotton balls, pens, jewelry, and just about anything you can imagine. They are so versatile and can be personalized to fit your space. Can’t wait to hear what you think.

DIY rope vases

DIY No-Sew Rope Baskets

Whether you are looking to store magazines or items around the house, these no-sew baskets are a terrific DIY storage accessory. If you make gift baskets for people, these would be amazing for a baby shower, wedding shower, Easter or even Mother’s day too! You just can’t go wrong with this creative rope decor idea.

DIY rope baskets

DIY Sisal Rope Ottoman

This rope ottoman is a real show stopper! And you wouldn’t believe the base is made from an old milk crate that has been wrapped in Sisal rope. Choose your favorite fabric for the top, and you are going to have a gorgeous DIY Ottoman that is also a cute storage solution. Keep toys, books or blankets inside and out of sight when they aren’t in use.

DIY Rope ottoman

How To Make A Rope Mirror

Make your own rope mirror with minimal effort! The look is chic, gorgeous and goes well with almost any existing decorating styles. I love that it’s something different and not your regular department store run of the mill mirror. Add some pizzazz to your space with one of these beauties, and you will be glad you did.

DIY rope mirror

DIY Curtain Rod

This curtain rod is terrific and can be made in just 10 minutes! Not only does the curtain rod look great, but it is also straightforward to make and very creative. This will add some significant character to your bathroom, bedroom or storage room and it barely costs anything to make. Projects like this make it easy to DIY!

DIY curtain rail

DIY Metallic Rope Throw Basket

It’s hard to believe this started out as a cheap plastic laundry basket! They did an incredible job with the metallic paint and gave it an ombre effect that is always in style. This classy basket is a fantastic place to store all of your throw blankets, and you can keep it nearby for easy access. Plus, it will look marvelous in your home!

DIY rope basket

Make Your Own Rope Rug

I am so excited to tell you about this rope rug! They used clothesline rope and several yards of fabric to create this stunning rug. The options are endless because you can make all different styles and colors. You do have to use a sewing machine, but it is all straight lines and pretty easy – even for beginners. You really need to try it out and you’ll be a DIY convert for life!

DIY Rope Rug

DIY Book Page Rope Bowl

Take an ordinary bowl and make it extraordinary by adding pages from an old book and some rope! This rope decoration idea is so impressive, and it is a great conversation piece. Add some ornamental balls, Easter eggs or anything else you like and use it as a centerpiece or focal point for your mantle.

DIY Rope Bowl

DIY Wrapped Rope Container

This rope container is on the verge of a genius idea! Adding the extra color from the string takes it from simple to stunning too. I love the way it turned out and that it is actually effortless to make. These would make beautiful gifts for friends and family too. Don’t you just love it?

DIY rope container

Easy, Colorful Poly Rope Rug DIY

Make your rug as large or as small as you want! It is going to turn out fantastic no matter which route you take. This rug is perfect for a bathroom, bedroom or even an office. It has lots of vibrant colors, but you can also choose to make it more neutral if you want. Time to get creative and have some fun!

DIY rope rug

DIY Nautical Rope Mirror

If you want to spruce up a mirror that you already have sitting around; this is a fun way to do it. Plus, it goes with all your other nautical decorations. All you need to get started is some rope, mirror, glue gun, glue sticks, scissors, wire, screwdriver, and some nails. You will have some fun with this project!

DIY rope mirror

DIY Rope Market Bag

This DIY rope market bag is perfect for your next shopping trip. Hold all your fresh veggies and fruits without the worry of plastic bags breaking and tearing – not to mention the environmental impact of single-use plastic! The end look is so fun and creative – you’re sure to receive lots of admiring looks with this one.

DIY rope market bag

DIY Nautical Rope Lamp Knockoff Using Sisal Rope Wrap

Don’t spend loads of money on department store lamps when you can make your own at home with little time and effort. The result is just as fabulous as the store-bought option and you can proudly display your new masterpiece! The nautical theme is so fun and trendy too. It is always fun to take something plain and make it a stand out piece.

DIY rope lamp

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