Are you on the hunt for some Live Edge furniture projects? If so, you are in luck! I have 20 live edge furniture projects below waiting for you to get started. Live edge projects are very popular and in style right now. It is where at least one edge is a natural edge or plane of the wood. It can really give you that riff and a bit of contrast in a room, and be absolutely stunning. Below are a few projects you might want to try and incorporate into your home. 

DIY Live Edge Wood Furniture

20 DIY Live Edge Furniture Projects | DIY Furniture | Live Edge | Furniture Projects | DIY Projects | Wooden Furniture | DIY Live Edge #DIY #furniture #liveedge

Walnut Bench

This bench is rich in color and would look stunning in the entryway of your home, in your living room, or even in a hallway. Add a few pillows to brighten up the space. 

DIY Live edge walnut bench

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are one of the most popular styles of shelves right now. When you add the element of a live edge, it really gives your space a stunning look that will wow your guests. 

DIY Live edge floating shelves

Live Edge Wood Desk

This desk is pretty easy to make if you are good at cutting wood and secures directly to the wall. Gives you a beautiful desk to get some work done, and dress up the room. 

DIY Live Edge Wood Slab Desk

Counter DIY

Do your counters need a facelift? Check out this DIY on counters, it completely brought a whole new look to the room and added such a comfy feel. 

DIY Live Edge Counter Project

Rustic Stool with Hairpin Style Legs

This is such a unique and modern look for a stool. I love the hairpin style legs, I had never seen any like this before. This could really dress up any space. 

Live Edge Bench

This bench is made with macrocarpa slabs, that offer that beautiful live edge that has knots and texture. Great for sitting on your front porch to add sidewalk appeal and a place to sit. 

DIY Live Edge Bench Project

Live Edge Table

The legs are very simple so it offers a clean line and the live edge wood on top of the coffee table really adds character to the table. 

Shelf DIY

I love the bark texture on the outside line on the shelf, it gives it that country chic feel that is so inviting to your guests. 

DIY Live Edge Shelf Project

Wood Bench

A great tutorial to help you create a wood bench with a live edge. I love the simple black legs, it really gives this a timeless and modern look. 

DIY Live Edge Wood Bench Tutorial

Wood Slab Coffee Table

The live edge on this table is stunning and really adds that rustic element to a more modern room. This would be pretty basic and simple to make. 

Coffee Table

If you found a piece of wood you can’t live without, get it and make it into a coffee table so it can be the center focal point of the room, like this DIY coffee table is. The rings you see in this wood are breathtaking. 

DIY Live Edge Coffee Table Project

Simple Live Edge Shelves

These shelves would look great in your laundry room, a kitchen that has a country feel, or even in a bedroom.

DIY live edge shelf project

Wood Slab Side Table

These tables offer a rustic but modern appeal to the room, I love the size where they are pretty small and don’t take up much room. 

DIY Live Edge Side Table Project

Scaffolding Board Furniture

An easy to follow tutorial that shows you how to make unique and playful scaffolding board furniture for your home. 

DIY Live edge bench

Floating Top Console Table

This table is gorgeous and I love putting it behind a couch to help break up the room and add a new element of design. 

Live Edge Table with Steel Base

This table would look great in any dining room, and the steel base really gives it modern clean lines. It would make a very pretty table for any dining room. 

DIY Live Edge Dining Room Table

Wood Bench With Hairpin Legs

I love the unique style of this bench where it has all the different grain lines and colors. It offers a playful and modern bench appeal. 

Wood Slab Table

Perfect for a corner in your home that needs a little dressing up, or use it as a small nightstand by the bed. 

DIY Live Edge Wood Slab Table

Unique Wood Slab Table

I love the look of how it has a huge knot in it like you can see a piece of the tree in the shape of this table.

Reclaimed Wood Console Table 

Wow, this table really is a piece I would love to make and have in our home. The reclaimed wood really adds such a fun element to the table that you wouldn’t get any other way.  

DIY Live Edge Console Table

20 DIY Live Edge Furniture Projects | DIY Furniture | Live Edge | Furniture Projects | DIY Projects | Wooden Furniture | DIY Live Edge #DIY #furniture #liveedge
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